Rain, Rain Come My Way

April showers bring May flowers. But did you know that Charlotte averages about 42 inches of rainfall per year, and only three of those inches typically fall in April? more »

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Photo provided by Ashley C.'s family

Personalize Your Look

Fashion forecasting can be for everyone! more »

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Mr. President

PTSA leader shares best practices. more »

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Photos by Jennifer Ireland and Diane Villa at the North Carolina Zoo

Sleeping Beauties

Lions are known as the rulers of the animal kingdom. The North Carolina Zoo has two lions, 15-year-old Reilly and 4-year-old Mekita. At the zoo you’ll probably see them ... napping? more »

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Photo provided by Discovery Place

Rangoli Art: Good Fun for Good Luck

Teach children about other cultures through hands-on art. With a few simple ingredients, children can begin to learn about a traditional art from India. more »

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Skin-tastic Skin

Take a closer look at skin! more »

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Photo by LunahZon

Ramon Sessions

After playing three seasons at the University of Nevada, Ramon Sessions left the college court behind in 2007 and began living his dream as a professional basketball player. more »

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  • Baby Gorilla Birthdays

    Bomassa and Apollo, the zoo's two baby gorillas, arrived in August 2012. Now the zoo staff is celebrating both special anniversaries and their impact on the zoo as well as the U.S. captive gorilla population.

  • Becoming a Zoo Keeper

    Kids - Wanna be a zoo keeper when you get older? Check out this video from the NC Zoo that explains what it takes to become a keeper.

  • Great Ape Weekend (2012)

    Great Ape Weekend 2013 is coming up soon - September 14-15, 2013. Why not check out this video from last year about Great Ape Weekend 2012.

  • BBQ and Blues Promo

    Learn all about the upcoming BBQ and Blues festival, brought to you by the Charlotte Center City Partners.

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